Heartz Of Men



жанры: rap, hip-hop
альбомы: Greatest Hits, All Eyez on Me
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 748 просмотров
Hey Suge
What I tell you, nigga
When I come out of jail, what was I gonna do
I was gonna start diggin' into these niggas' chest, right
Watch this
Hey Quik, let me get them binoculars, nigga, the binoculars
Yeah nigga, time to ride
Grab your bulletproof vest nigga 'cause it's gonna be a long one
Now me and Quik gonna show you niggas what it's like on this side
The real side
Now, on this ride there's gonna be some real motherfuckers
And there's gonna be some pussies
Now the real niggas gonna be the ones with money and bitches
The pussies are gonna be the niggas on the floor bleedin'
Now everybody keep your eyes on the prize 'cause the ride get tricky
See, you got some niggas on your side that say they're your friends
But in real life they your enemies
And then you got some motherfuckers that say they your enemies
But in real life they eyes is on your money
See, the enemies will say they true
But in real life those niggas will be the snitches
It's a dirty game, y'all
Y'all gotta be careful about who you fuck with and who you don't fuck with
'Cause the shit get wild, y'all
Keep your mind on your riches, baby
Keep your mind on your riches9-1-1 It's an emergency cowards tried to murder me
From hood to the 'burbs, everyone of you niggas heard of me
Shit, I'm legendary niggas scary and paralyzed
Nothing more I despise than a liar
Cowards die
My mama told me when I was a seed
Just a vicious motherfucker while these devils left me free
I proceed to make them shiver, when I deliver
Criminal lyrics from a world wide mob figure
Thug niggas from everywhere Mr. Makaveli
Niggas is waiting for some thug shit, that's what they tell me
So many rumors but I'm infinite Immortal Outlaw
Switching up on you ordinary bitches like a southpaw you get left
And every breath I breathe until the moment I'm deceased
Will be another moment ballin' as a 'G'
I rip the crowd, then I start again
Eternally I live in sin until the moment that they let me breathe againThe hearts of men
The hearts of menMy lyrical verse was so much pain, to some niggas it hurts
My guns bust and, if you ain't one of us, it gets worse
Bitch niggas get their eyes swoll
In fly mode, I'm a homicidal outlaw
And 5-0, get your lights on, the fight's on
Tonight's gonna be a fucking fight, so we might roll
My own homies say I'm heartless
But I'm a G to this til the day I'm gone, that's regardless
Ride by, niggas bow down
Thought I'd rot in jail, paid bail, well, nigga's out now
Throw up your hands if you thugged out
First nigga act up
First nigga getting drugged out
I can be a villian if ya let me
A motherfucker if you do upset me
Tell the cops to come and get me
Rip the crowd like a phone number
Then start again, don't have no mutherfuckin' friends, niggaLook inside the hearts of men
In the hearts of men
In the hearts of menTo all my niggas engaged in making money in the fifty states
Keep your mind on your chips and fuck a punk bitch
No longer living in fear, my pistol close in hand
Convinced this is my year, like I'm the chosen man
Give me my money and label me as a don
If niggas is having problems, smoke 'em, fire and bomb
I died and came back
I hustle with these lyrics as if it's a game of crack
Thugging is in my spirit
I'm lost and not knowing
Scar'd up, but still flowing
Energized and still going
Uh, can it be fate
That makes a sick motherfucker break
On these jealous ass coward 'cause they evil and fake
What will it take?
Give me that bass line, I'm feeling bomb
Death Row, baby, don't be alarmed
The homie Quik gave a nigga a beat and let me start again
Represent, 'cause I've been sentThe hearts of men
Это интересно:Об альбоме Greatest Hits:

"Greatest Hits" - двойной альбом лучших хитов рэпера 2Pac, выпущенный в сотрудничестве компаний Death Row Records и Amaru Entertainment в 1998 году. Альбом содержит 25 треков, 4 из которых ранее не были изданы: "God Bless the Dead", "Unconditional Love", "Troublesome '96", и "Changes", ставший впоследствии суперхитом. Альбом получил девятикратную "Платину" от RIAA.

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