Just Another Night


Cat Stevens

жанры: folk, singer-songwriter, rock, pop
альбомы: The Very Best Of Cat Stevens, On The Road To Find Out, Remember Cat Stevens - The Ultimate Collection, Back To Earth, Remember
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 1048 просмотров
I remember standing here
Right on this very same site
I was dying but for you
It was just another nightYou once rocked me in your world
You bought me my first shoes
I was just another lonely child
Oh, and you were much amusedSo you took me and you dressed me well
All for your friends to see
You drained my body calmly till
There was no more left in meThen you walked out and you cut me cold
Out on the road somewhere
Why it happened, well, I don't know
And I still have no ideaBut everybody needs a friend sometimes
You need a little help
And who knows maybe one day you'll seek mine
Only time will tellYou once held me in your arms
You made me feel so right
I was flying but for you
It was just another nightBut everybody needs a little help
Whether or not you think you really do
Everybody needs a little help
Now the time has come for youI ain't looking to fight no wars
No more talking trash
I'm not seeking any more pain
'Cause I've had enough of thatBut don't you worry it's alright
If you should come around
Any night or any day
I won't ever let you down
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Это интересно:Кэт Стивенс - (англ. Cat Stevens, имя при рождении Стивен Деметр Гиоргиу, англ. Steven Demetre Georgiou в 1978 году изменено на Юсуф Ислам; род. 21 июля 1948, Лондон) — английский певец, автор песен и мультиинструменталист, в 1970-х годах продавший 60 миллионов альбомов, два из которых (Tea for the Tillerman и Teaser and the Firecat) стали трижды платиновыми в США. В 1979 году Кэт Стивенс покинул поп-сцену, принял ислам и, взяв новое имя,... продолжение
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