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"Peter Gabriel"
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Peter Gabriel

жанры: rock, soundtrack, singer-songwriter
альбомы: Hit
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 662 просмотра
People go naked and pick up these trails
Someone before me laid down these rails
When it's loaded up too heavy,
This engine fails
In lovetown
I can't settle down
And do those teeth still match the wound
Take a good look around
In lovetownAaahha, aaahha
Looking in lovetown
Aaahha, aaahha
This is lovetownSometimes you're stormy water
On which I pour my oil
In each other's shadow
The roots reach into the soil
All these knots so tightly tied
We could not uncoil
In lovetown
No place to settle down
And do those teeth still match the wound
Take a good look around
In lovetownAaahha, aaahha
This is lovetown
Aaahha, aaahha
Looking in lovetownWho's lonely lips will find these hidden scars?
Who's seen the kisses left in dimlit bars?
Who's out in the streets, looking for love like ours?
Who's looking in lovetown tonight?Have you got what you want
Said have you got what you need
With what you did and what you saw
Did you find you needed more
Have you got what you came for
Are you really so sure
Are you really so sureLooking in lovetown
In lovetown
Living in lovetown
Hey yeah yeah.
Это интересно:Питер Габриэл заслужил свою мировую репутацию как прогрессивный музыкант, певец, композитор, а также клипмейкер. В начале своего творческого пути состоял в группе Genesis, весьма нашумевшем музыкальном проекте тех времен. Габриэл покинул группу в 1975 году, чем вызвал большое негодование фанатов Genesis, однако после, начав сольную карьеру, он приобрел гораздо больше новых.В 1980-м он основал... продолжение
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