Greatest Hits 2


Toby Keith

жанры: country
дата: 9 ноября 2004

Тексты песен из этого альбома:

  1. 1.Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue
  2. 2.Who's Your Daddy?
  3. 3.Beer For My Horses★★★★★
  4. 4.Should've Been A Cowboy★★★★
  5. 5.I'm Just Talkin' About Tonight
  6. 6.I Wanna Talk About Me★★★
  7. 7.My List
  8. 8.Country Comes To Town
  9. 9.You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This
  10. 10.Stays In Mexico
  11. 11.Mockingbird
  12. 12.Go With Her
  13. 13.You Ain't Much Fun
  14. 14.How Do You Like Me Now?!
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