Spanish Rose


Van Morrison

жанры: rock, singer-songwriter
альбомы: The Complete Bang Sessions, Super Hits, Blowin' Your Mind!, Bang Masters, Brown Eyed Girl, Midnight Special: Early Van Morrison
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 996 просмотров
The wine beneath the bed
The things we've done and said
And all the memories
That come glancing back to me,
In my loneliness.Standing in the breach
Beyond that stretch but our love reach
Unconsciousness has found me
Sometimes wondering where you're atTake me back again
Take me back one more time, Spanish RoseThe way you pulled the gate
Behind you, when you said, "It ain't too late
Come on, let's swing the town
And have a ball tonight"And hopin' you'd come through
And many others too
And all the friends we used to have
In days gone by,
I'm wondering...If you'll take me back again
Take me back one more time, Spanish RoseAnd when the lights went out there
No one was about
And all the country in full bloom
In the room we dancedAnd many hearts were torn
And when the word went 'round
That everything was wrong
And just couldn't be put right
It tore me up, it tore me up, LordThe way you held a note,
the trembling in your throat
that's just the beginning of your
wondrous smile.The rising of the water
The window in the days gone by
I often ask myself and wonder why,
it's gone?Oh take me back again,
Take me back one more time
Spanish Rose.A slumber you did sleep
The window I did creep
And touch your raven hair
And sang that song again to youYou did not even wince
You thought I was the prince
To come and take you from your misery
And lonely castle wallTake me back again
Take me back one more time, Spanish Rose
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Это интересно:В творчестве этого музыканта нашли отражение такие стили как ритм-энд-блюз, джаз, соул, кельтские мотивы, кантри, а сам он стал вдохновителем для многих рок-музыкантов, от Джима Моррисона и Брюса Спрингстина до "Thin Lizzy" и "U-2". Вэн Моррисон (настоящее имя Джордж Айвэн Моррисон) родился в Белфасте 31 августа 1945 года. Его мать была певицей, а отец владел неплохой коллекцией джазовых... продолжение
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