Cocoa Tea

жанры: reggae, dancehall, roots reggae, dub
Это интересно: Cocoa Tea BiographyCocoa Tea was one of the few early dancehall stars to carve out a consistent, productive career as the genre evolved over the years. His cool-toned, laid-back vocals were perfect for sweet, smooth lovers rock, and gave him a distinct identity amid his more aggressive peers. Still, he was also capable of toughening up his sound on his cultural protest material, which was often sharply perceptive. Tea was born Calvin Scott on September 3, 1959, in Rocky Point, a small town in Jamaica's Clarendon parish. He sang in his church and school choirs as a youth, and made his first recordings for producer Willie Francis in 1974 at the mere age of 14; one single, "Searching... продолжение

Альбомы исполнителя «Cocoa Tea»:

Всего 5 альбомов (отображено 1 - 5)

2006 год
  1. Save Us Oh Jah
2001 год
  1. Feel The Power
1994 год
  1. Tune In
1991 год
  1. Rocking Dolly
Альбомы без даты
  1. Reggae Legends, Volume 3
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