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ConorMaynard (J Balvin, Jeon & Anitta)

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Come let me take you to places
That you’ve never been
Show you, alive you
You can showoff to all of your friends
Take your bow to your man in your own life
Give my bullies more than his whole life
Now barefoot singer from the south side
Come in come in Come a little Closer
One night one night, we dont need no closure
I know you know i already told you
Dont keep blowing on my phone when its over
I am a starboy i swear i am in my zone
Simple Man Simple. See i can coat
Leave the club with some [bad word] i dont know
Someone Calls the cops
cause i aint going home alone . Nah!
Mommy Mommy, She came to party
Girl i am waiting you can meet me in the lobby
Pull her riggin, she is feeling noughty
Now i cant wait to put my hands on her body
Like whoo. Make me wanna call me poppy
Like whoo. and Yoy hope i never stop it like
You know i can wait till i get you alone
Mamma seen her hotter way from costa rica
 [bad word] all the drama bring me the Vaca
Caught you but sactioned. Dont need no sparkler
I came for free i dont pay for another
Flat silicon No guts in the sharper
I dont know if you can handle me
All of your friends are fans of me
Tell me girl what you got Planned for me
Coz you got that thing that i need
Oh your mommy gonna swing my way
Tell your mayer go in my hay
Cause you doing everything thing i say
I say
Still aint younger but the boy dont play
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